About Me

I have a passion for technologies that improve network efficiencies and transparencies. This is fairly broad, but keeps me thinking about the future world economy. Just to specifically name a few, I’m fascinated with massive online open courses, cryptocurrencies, peer-to-peer platforms, and embedded systems for data collection.

Every day there are three things I strive to:

  1. Learn new things.
  2. Build meaningful relationships.
  3. Create value for others.

Since learning, building relationships, and creating value keeps me going, I’m happiest when working on startup ideas or helping others start companies. In fact, my life long goal is to start companies that create more than $1 billion in value. This is a lofty goal, but keeping the bar high will only help me grow as a person.  If you’re interested in these things too, please read my blog and leave feed back so we can learn and create value together.